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Lyrics from Dan Bern CD:

Released .

0.5-0 LEAD
0.Planet With Two Suns
0.Talkin' Mrs. DiFranco Blues
0.Talkin' Mars Blues
0.New York Women
0.Never Wrote a Song
0.Party By Myself
0.This Side of the White Lines
0.Girls Showing Up in Pairs
0.Freedom of Choice
0.Johnny Cash and Anais Nin
0.Most American Men
0.Earth Girl
0.Rock and Roll Will Be Done To You
0.Someone From The Office
0.Smart n Final
0.In God's Time (Not Yours)
0.Wood Fuckin Racket
0.Weird Little Thing
0.Good News and Bad News About God
0.Black Sox
0.Shakespeare's Got a Gun
0.Seven Miles An Hour
0.Lightning Jazz
0.Kid's Prayer
0.Feel Like A Man
0.Fascist in Me
0.Children of the Cold War
0.Bobby Feller
0.Street TV
0.Tom Bodine
0.Opposable Thumb
0.Lithuania II
0.Josephine and Ernest
0.I Need You
0.Radio Static
0.Dan's Christmas Song
0.Art on the Run
0.Art on the Run

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