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"God came to me in a dream. I knew it was God, because he had a long white beard, a pink striped tunic, and the word "God" was spelled out above him, with an arrow pointing at his head..."  
- Lightning Jazz

Welcome to the Dan Bern Lyrics Archive!

Dan Bern aka Bernstein is an indie acoustic folk/rock singer-songwriter whose music I happen to quite enjoy. I have had this site up at various points of time and it has moved several times, but I think this shall be its permanent home.

Here is my collection of lyrics for your enjoyment, as well as some pictures and links to other great Bernstein resources. Let me know what you like or what you want more of if you get a chance. Thanks!   - Emma

Update on status of site: Obviously, I haven't added all of Dan's songs, or any new albums since 2004. To be honest, I prefer his older stuff. And I've moved on to other projects. Eh.

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7.23.09 Removed the contact form. Bloody spammers.

1.4.04 Added Dan's newest EP, Anthem.

10.13.04 Added DB's new album, My Country II!.

4.28.04 Redesigned header.

5.22.03 Added a few more unreleased songs.

5.6.03 Increased the interlinking - now you can go from one song to the next on an album without going back to the list.

4.21.03 Added lyrics to World Cup, The Swastika EP, and some from Dan's latest Fleeting Days, as well as a number of unreleased songs.
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