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Dan Bern - Weird Little Thing

Song Lyrics

I'll tell you a tale if you promise not to laugh
Lincoln's on the penny
Kennedy is on the half
Kennedy faces left
Like he's looking for a fight
And for whatever reason,
Lincoln faces right

It's a weird little thing
(weird little thing)
It's a weird little thing
(weird little thing)
It's a weird little thing
I remember reading a long time ago
whe-en I was a kid

Well, Lincoln's secretary's name was Kennedy
And I'm thinkin' Kennedy's secretary's name was Mrs. Lincoln
Mrs. Lincoln told her boss don't go to Dallas that day
Mrs. Kennedy told Lincoln not to see a play


Oswald shot from a warehouse then he hid in a theater
Booth shot Lincoln in a theater then he hid in a warehouse
Both their vice presidents had the same name
And the number of letters in their names was the same


Lincoln was elected in 1860
Kennedy was elected in 1960
Whoever gets elected in 2060
Better be aware
Better think about this...


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