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Dan Bern - Black Tornado

Song Lyrics

I been speaking later and later in the day
Most days I don't talk 'til maybe 8 o'clock at night
It keeps me whole
It keeps me holy
It keeps me way up in the mountains even when I'm on the road
It keeps me coming up for air
Keeps me airing out some come
It keeps me cool

And everyplace I go is one less place I could call home
And every girl I kiss, well I just cross her off my list
I don't go far
I just go crazy
I buried all of my old clothes out in some field in West Des Moines
And if you judge me tonight
Judge me by the songs I write
That's who I am to you

And there's a Black Tornado
Black Tornado
Spinning around in my body sometimes
Black Tornado
Black Tornado
Spinning around in my body sometimes

And I could do tonight with something soft and warm and furry
But that ain't likely to occur in southcentral Missouri
It's a day off
It's an off-day
It's a Budweiser, Budgetel, Bukowski kind of night
All I got's what's on my back
Guitar and a backpack
My soul is intact

And there's a Black Tornado. . . .

And everything is changing faster than I can describe
All I really know to do is grab the wheel and drive
I look for love
And some adventure
And I try not to let my own breathing scare me off the road
There is a tombstone
Of my father I visit sometimes

And there's a Black Tornado...


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