Dan Bern

Dan Bern - Albuquerque Lullaby

Song Lyrics

I have a friend
Sits in his office
Where he's had his big success
Now he cries all day
He says the Internet
Is stealing his royalties
Talks of his glory days
I say no one cares about your glory days

Backroads New Mexico
There's an old abandoned church
Windows boarded up
Never sees a coat of paint
Sometimes I drive by and dream
Of hearing the preacher preach
But it's a dragstrip for the kids
You can hear their tires screech

Don't let your heart
Get broken by this world
Don't let your heart
Get broken
At the bottom of the ocean
You might find a pearl
Don't let your heart
Get broken by this world

Drop by Albuquerque sometime
When you need to
I'll sing you an Albuquerque Lullaby. . . .

So baby when I close my eyes
You know it's you I see
You know I'm pulling for you
As you go on your way
Don't ever hesitate
To say what's goin' on
Ain't nothin black and white
Always some new place to turn

Don't let your heart
Get broken by this world.


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New American Language (2001)
New American Language

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