Dan Bern

Dan Bern - Crosses

Song Lyrics

Stopping for gasoline
I jump back in my truck again
Roaring through the desert
South of Magdalena
The heat seeps into my skin
Whenever I get too terribly giddy
I see crosses
On the side of the road

Rattlesnakes eager to meet me
Cactus thirsty for blood
I sip on a bottle of Coke
And roll my tobacco
My windshield's the gravestone
For a million dead bugs
From the corner of my eye
I keep seeing
Them crosses
On the side of the road

Keep my eyes wide open
And my blood running strong in my veins
Please let me see my baby again

Things crawling and dying
Wind blowing
Everything just surviving
Last cloud through here
Came and went months ago
Flowers of yellow and purple
They can mesmerize you
Keep your eyes open
And lock all of your doors

I hope that you'll
Be careful wherever you go
I keep seeing crosses
On the side of the road
Them crosses
On the side of the road


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