Dan Bern


Is this an official site?
No, it is a fan site. Dan's official site is at danbern.com.

Why doesn't this site contain his more recent albums?
Because I've moved on to other things. Also, I don't like them as much.

Are you ever going to update it?
Probably not.

Who is Dan Bern?
Dan Bern aka Bernstein grew up in Iowa, the son of Jewish immigrants. Pretty much everything I know about Dan Bern I gleaned from his songs. His lyrics often include references to baseball and painting (esp. Van Gogh). He also takes pot shots at pop culture and sings about current events - part of what makes Dan Bern great is that he has stuff to say about the lives we lead...so many people just take the state of the world for granted without ever wondering whether it perhaps could be better. The rest of why Dan Bern is great is his creativity and originality, and the genuine emotional quality he brings to his music. If you've never seen him in concert, I urge you to go: you won't be disappointed. (Caveat: Sometimes it seems like he gets mad at his audience for being, um, an audience. But he's still a great musician.)

What is this "Bernstein" business?
Bernstein v. Dan Bern. What's the what? Well, Dan Bern used to go by just that, but along the line he went back to Lithuania to where his family lived before they came to America. He wrote a few songs about it, notably Lithuania and Lithuania II, and there is also a "Talking Bernstein" piece where he explains his reclaimation of the name. I'm not sure what the current status of this is though, because on all the official stuff it's still "Dan Bern".

I heard this song, I don't know the title, but it goes something like this.... Do you know what it is?
Try searching Google with quote marks around the phrase you remember the most, like "dyed her hair blue" or "Admitted killing Jesus" along with "Dan Bern" in quotes. That will usually find it, if you remember the phrase correctly.

Did you take all those pictures?

This is a fan site. Dan's official site is at danbern.com.