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Dan Bern Links

If you have a Dan Bern site and want to be listed here, just email me.

About Dan Bern
The official site. CDs, t-shirts, books, tour dates, etc.

The "Official" Dan Bern Lyrics Archive
If you can't find a song on my site, try this one.

Messenger Records - Dan's recording label for his last 6 albums. They have a few mp3 samples from his latest 2 albums, Anthems and My Country II.

Becky's Bernstein Page
Some pics and mp3s.

The Dan Bern Mailing List ~A few emails a day
To subscribe, send email to dan-bern-list-request@eskimo.com with "Subscribe" in the subject line.

The DBHQ Announcement List ~A few emails a month

Getting the Music
You can buy Dan's CDs directly from his website, danbern.com. Or, if you are cheap like me try Amazon.com's used CDs. They are called "Marketplace" listings, and they are just people selling their used CDs through Amazon.

More options:

Trade Dan Bern Bootleg tapes

iTunes - they have most of Dan's albums and you can pick just the songs you like.

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